Technical Support

We’re on duty when you are.

RIMS was developed to be as dependable as any member of your department. But in the event that you do have a problem, our live technical support team is available 24 hours a day. With remote access, in the event that it’s necessary, we can even dial into your system, examine the database, find the problem and usually fix it immediately. Even better, subscribing customers encounter no fees for technical assistance and calls are answered by people who can actually help, not just take a message and give you a "tracking number".

Our support program entitles you to all new versions of RIMS products at no additional cost—your system will always be up to date. Minor updates, usually to correct identified problems, are issued as needed. Major new versions of RIMS are released annually.

Installation of the annual new version does not require our assistance. The procedure is literally “download software, click ‘Update RIMS’ button.”

Installation of interim updates is even easier: From RIMS itself you click an “Update RIMS” menu item and the update is automatically downloaded from our web site and installed on your server. That’s it.