Data Conversion

Assuming you already have a CAD and records system, you will likely want to carry over your years of accumulated information into your new system.That’s where Sun Ridge Systems' data conversion services come into play. We have converted data from many of the CAD and records systems currently in use, including several old ones that haven't been available for years.

Conversion services are contracted at the time you purchase RIMS software, so please talk to us about your data conversion needs. No, it doesn’t cost $30,000 - $50,000. Actually, we’ve never done one that cost close to that.

Here’s how the data conversion process works: 

  1. At the beginning of your project you provide us with a copy of your database.
  2. If the database is from a vendor that we have not converted before, we analyze the database structure, deduce what data is where, and begin writing the conversion programs.
  3. If the database is from a vendor that we have converted before, we examine it to see if and how it differs from others we have done, and edit our conversion programs accordingly. 
  4. After RIMS has been installed at your site we install a copy of the converted data on your server. We then show you the basics of how to look at records for officer reports, people, vehicles, etc. so you can check the conversion for accuracy. 
  5. You report any discrepancies to us and we will correct them in the conversion program, rerun it, and send it to you for further checking. This process continues for several iterations until you are satisfied that the converted data is correct. 
  6. The day you switch over to RIMS we convert the data a final time and you are ready to go.