Configuring RIMS

Every one of our agencies has the same RIMS. There are no “custom” versions. This is critical for our users, greatly contributing to the reliability of our products and, just as important, allowing us to provide regular product updates to all our users and to do so in a painless fashion.

Yet everyone has their own way of doing things. We have learned this lesson over and over through the years. RIMS must be able to satisfy these varying needs without custom programming. RIMS accomplishes this through a large set of configuration screens that allow you to configure RIMS at the system, agency (for multi-agency installations), and user levels.

At the beginning of each project our trainer spends two days on site reviewing your methods of operation with you in detail. You will together make the RIMS configuration choices (which can be changed later if desired) that will create your RIMS. Agencies often find this to be a revelatory experience — the capabilities of RIMS they are exposed to in this review become a catalyst for change within the department, causing them to reexamine some of the ways they do business, generating changes in procedures that have been in place for years and streamlining operations.


Configuration Details