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Project Management - In most cases, Project Management is an afterthought of a public safety project. But good project management can mean the difference between a smooth, direct path to success and a high profile fiasco for your department. Sun Ridge Systems project management staff has a minimum of 15 years of project management experience, specifically in public safety, with agencies of all sizes, all over the country. We’ve done this many times.
Installation - RIMS is designed to be an off-the-shelf CAD and records management product that is comprehensive in its features and highly configurable in its application. This means there is no expensive and time-consuming software customization required. RIMS runs on Windows-based networks with a Windows 2000 or 2003 Server. It is specifically designed to be installable on PC networks that most agencies already have so there is no need for expensive new computer hardware.
Configuring RIMS - Every one of our agencies has the same RIMS. There are no “custom” versions. This is critical for our users, greatly contributing to the reliability of our products and, just as important, allowing us to provide regular product updates to all our users and to do so in a painless fashion.
Training - Our training plan incorporates these two objectives into a brief but comprehensive course designed to bring personnel to a level of understanding of RIMS sufficient to begin operational use of the system. Key to users’ ability to quickly grasp the essentials of RIMS is its ease of use refined over more than 20 years in the field and the consistency in the design — learn a how to do a few functions and you notice the rest work pretty much the same way.
Hardware Requirements - RIMS runs on a PC network — the kind of network that many agencies already have or have been thinking about getting. There is one server computer that holds the database and then PC's for users. Here are our current recommendations — these recommendations change every few months as new products are introduced and prices on old ones drop.
Data Conversion - Assuming you already have a CAD and records system, you will likely want to carry over your years of accumulated information into your new system.That’s where Sun Ridge Systems' data conversion services come into play. We have converted data from many of the CAD and records systems currently in use, including several old ones that haven't been available for years.
Technical Support - We’re on duty when you are.

RIMS was developed to be as dependable as any member of your department. But in the event that you do have a problem, our live technical support team is available 24 hours a day. With remote access, in the event that it’s necessary, we can even dial into your system, examine the database, find the problem and usually fix it immediately. Even better, subscribing customers encounter no fees for technical assistance and calls are answered by people who can actually help, not just take a message and give you a "tracking number".