TIMS – Officer Training Information Management

Every law enforcement agency has an ongoing program to ensure that officers are current with existing agency, state and federal law enforcement training requirements. Officers also attend training sessions for a variety of other reasons ---- career enhancement, job specialties, and other educational opportunities.

TIMS Course Window

For many agencies, the issue becomes how to manage and keep track of all the officers, courses, certifications, dates, reporting requirements and the myriad other details involved in running a training program. Providing an organized way to keep track of all this information and to make it easier to run your training program is the purpose of TIMS.

TIMS Features

• Compiles course lists with detailed course information

• Assigns officers to courses and tracks course costs and all travel and per diem expenses

• Maintains a database of employee college/university degrees, and a log of all classes taken and certifications earned

• Keeps track of officer re-certification dates and prepares a reminder log plus other logs for scheduled training and historical training, for all officers, a single officer, or a group of officers

• Scan relevant documents into RIMS and attach them to employee records

TIMS Employee Information Window

TIMS also contains some special features valuable for everyday use:

• Export data to a spreadsheet or to HTML

• Custom print lists of courses, training logs, schedules, etc.

• Create ad hoc reports of your design

• Automatically generate training calendars