State Link

Almost all agencies have access to state/NCIC databases.  RIMS State Link software is message switching software that  connects RIMS to your state system (and on to NCIC).  Its key benefits are that dispatchers no longer have to switch to a separate application to run such queries, queries and responses are permanently recorded in RIMS, and RIMS automatically links returns to RIMS data. RIMS State Link also:

  • Provides dispatchers with quick access to forms for the most common queries
  • Automatically generates queries for traffic stops
  • Attaches queries as entries in the chronological history of the CAD incidents they are associated with
  • Generates multiple queries from a single person query
  • Maintains a log of all responses received
  • Allows searching of query responses
  • Automatically tags responses as "HIT" or "VALID" or "EXPIRED" with color coded banners
  • Supports command line entry of queries as well as forms
  • Is fully supported in mobile computers in the cars

Links can also be made to county systems, incorporating available queries into those databases as well.