Records Management System

RIMS Law Enforcement Records Management System is the most effective way to organize, track and access the vast amount of information that flows through your police department every day.

Key Features 

RMS is completely integrated with CAD and all other RIMS products. As a truly integrated system there are no boundaries between functions and virtually no boundaries on what you can do.

RMS was designed to be powerful as well as easy. In fact, its power lies in how simple and logical it is to use. Help screens throughout the system ensure that assistance is only a click away.
  • Windows and functions differentiated by color
  • One-screen capability
  • Tabs denote “pages” on a screen
  • One-time entry
  • Consistent data entry method
  • Comprehensive officer reports
  • Person File derived from all RIMS entries
  • Windows Vista, 7 and later are supported
  • Key Functions
  • Cases
At the heart of a records management system is the officer report, called a "case" in RIMS. An officer report is a collection of data about events, persons, vehicles, property, etc., but in RIMS it is also the entry point for building all those individual data files as well. RIMS Records Management is a single point of entry system. For example, when you add a person to a "case,” the information not only shows up when you look at the "case," it also shows up when anyone later looks up the person.  It also adds a contact record for the person’s history  and becomes immediately available to the dispatcher for automatic information retrieval should the person be encountered again.
Among the many other features of RIMS officer report handling are:
  • A case log
  • A case approval cycle
  • Locking cases after approval
  • Restricted access cases
  • Auditing of all viewing of the case, addition, changes, and deletions
  • 16 ways to print a case
The Person File contains personal information about people as well as a history of their contacts with your agency. As an integrated system, RIMS automatically enters information into the Person File through incidents, cases, officer reports, citations, warrants and field interviews.
As officer reports and field interviews are entered, RIMS automatically builds a file of Associated Persons. This means when you look up someone in RIMS you can simply click on the Associated Persons tab to see a list of all the persons they’ve previously been associated with—an invaluable investigative tool! The same is true of vehicles. Click the Associated Vehicles tab in the person record and get a list of all vehicles previously associated with the person. Or look up a vehicle and view a list of all persons associated with the vehicle.
Each person in Records Management can have an unlimited number of aliases. With RIMS, aliases can include names or monikers, dates of birth, social security numbers and even addresses.
RMS stores local warrants and warrants from outside agencies that are to be served locally. Personal information entered into Warrants is also added to the Person File and a warrant entry flags the wanted person's file.
All vehicle information collected for incidents, cases, field interviews, vehicle permits, parking permits and citations is automatically entered in the vehicle database.
  • Look up vehicles by license number, partial license number, make or model
  • Track stolen, recovered and damage information
  • Auto-association between vehicles and people
RIMS allows you to maintain a record of all stolen/found/lost/recovered/seized property and property held as evidence. The property log tracks items in and out of the system, as well as, in and out of the property room. And with a separate database designed specifically for pawned property, RIMS makes it easy to track and log these items.
RIMS makes it easy to keep track of cases under investigation. Case Investigation functions include:
  • Case investigation summary
  • Case investigation activity by detective or officer
  • Cases past follow-up date
  • Cases at the DA’s office
As citations are issued, RIMS stores the citation information, as well as, information about the associated person and vehicle in RMS. This data is automatically entered into the Person and Vehicle files.
The field interview function enables your agency to gather information and track the many contacts officers have in the field. All information is automatically fed into the Person and Vehicle files.
With the Search function, you can create reports based on any parameters you set. Also, RIMS makes retrieving data easy, even when only incomplete information is available. Find people by searching first names, hair color, height, weight or any other information captured in a person record. Or locate vehicles with nothing more than make, model or color. With RMS, you can search for information regarding:
  • Accidents
  • Arrests
  • People
  • Bicycles
  • Pets
  • Cases
  • Property
  • Pawned property
  • Case investigation
  • Citations
  • Vehicles
  • Field interviews
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle permits
  • Parking permits
  • Narratives
  • Warrants
With the Records Management System, you can easily track a variety of offender types, as well as, other groups of special interests such as missing persons and BOLO’s.
  • Known offendersimage
  • Convicted Felon
  • Sex offenders
  • Narcotics offenders
  • Parolees
  • Probationers
  • Arsonists
  • Gangs
  • Trespassers
RIMS enables you to keep on top of your agency’s administrative functions with less paperwork and more efficiency. Store and track information in RMS relating to:
  • Parking permits
  • Vehicle permits
  • Bicycle registration
  • Pet licensing
  • Vehicle maintenance
Any records system is only as good as the management reports it produces. RIMS produces all required UCR reports and, where required, NIBRS reports. In addition, RIMS records management includes the CLERY report for universities, the California Arrest and Citation Register and more than 25 other statistical reports that track:
  • UCR crime report
  • UCR arrest report (where applicable)
  • Monthly arrest & citation report (California only)
  • Crime summary by offense
  • Arrests by officer
  • Domestic violence report
  • Monthly hate crime report
  • CLERY report
  • Citation reports
  • Case investigation reports
  •  Accident reports
  • Offender list reports
  • Warrants list
Key Benefits 

More than 25 years of development have made RIMS Records Management a very comprehensive product that closely fits the automation needs of most agencies. RIMS also simplifies your record keeping with its single points of entry, automatic dispersal of data to wherever it’s needed and close integration with your dispatch operation. After all, your records management system is in many ways the backbone of your agency operation. The records management software tool you use should reflect that.