Property Room - Bar Coding

Property management is another area where a police department can be greatly aided by the use of a computer system. An inventory database of items in your property room is a simple way to keep track of what is brought into the department, as well as which items in the property system are scheduled for sale, destruction, or return to owners. When this inventory database is supplemented with a bar coding system, reconciliation of the actual items with the database is greatly simplified.

image The use of bar codes in police property management is a matter of affixing a label with a bar code printed on it that identifies the report number and item number of a piece of property. These labels can be affixed to a singular item or group of items within one package that the user wishes to list as a singular item, i.e., "Colt revolver with six Smith and Wesson .38 caliber round nose bullets." 


  • Runs on any computer currently supporting RIMS.
  • Prints multiple labels utilizing a sheet of standard laser printer labels with information obtained from property entry into RIMS.
  • Preprints any number of bar code labels with a report number and beginning at item number 1, or at any user specified item number.
  • Prints blank lines to write in the type of property and description. Then labels can be taken to a scene and affixed to items of property to save time and retain good evidence controls and procedures.
  • Displays the name of the department, report number, item number and the type of property, i.e., Found, Evidence, Safekeeping, etc., as well as an abbreviated description of the property on the label.
  • Bar code itself reflects the report number and item number of the property it represents.
  • Standard Code 39 bar code. 
  • Allows inventory reconciliation.
  • Prints inventory lists.
  • Contains a reminder feature to notify the property room custodian when it’s time to check the status of various property types.