The desire to access information anytime, anywhere is becoming common, and the need to access RIMS data anytime, anywhere is no exception. The purpose of iRIMS is to give authorized users secure access to an agency’s records through a web browser within the agency’s network or if enabled, over the internet. The simple interface requires no training and gives instant access to the information found in RIMS. Users only need a web browser. iRIMS will run on the Apple iPhone and iPad plus Android phones and tablet computers. 


Product features included in iRIMS are listed below.
  • Dispatch. The Dispatch screen is the first screen shown when the user logs in and reflects the active Units and Incidents. The display is similar to RIMS and allows the user to sort by any column. The Units display is shown in the same colors as shown in RIMS. The Units and Incidents refresh automatically. Similar to RIMS, Incident Details can be accessed by clicking on the Incident or Unit.
  • Incidents. The Incidents tab allows the user to find an incident by supplying an Incident Number or Unit ID. Additionally, the Unit and Incident Logs can be retrieved. Selecting an incident from the log will result in the Incident Detail screen.
  • Location History. The Location History tab allows users to retrieve a list of incidents for a location based on a given address, place name, and/or city. Clicking on one of the returned incidents will retrieve the Incident details.
  • Cases. The Cases tab initially displays the case log similar to the Case Log show in RIMS. The log can be filtered by specifying an officer ID or a date. Clicking on a case will return the case details. The case details screen displays the basic information related to the case within multiple tabs, including Page 1, Page 2, Persons, Property, Vehicles, and Narratives. Clicking on records listed within the tabs retrieves the details for the selected record.
  • Field Interview. The FI tab shows a log of the most recent Field Interviews and allows the user to click and view the details of a FI.
  • People. The People tab allows the user to search for a person by entering a name, ID or phone number. Once presented with the list of results, a person record can be clicked to return the Person details. The Person details screen includes Page 1 and Page 2, similar to the RIMS people screen along with photos and the person’s history. Clicking on an Incident or Case number in the history will retrieve the respective detail screens.
  • Vehicles. The Vehicle tab allows the user to search for vehicles by License, State, Make, Model, and/or Color. A record on the resulting list can be clicked to retrieve the Vehicle details. The Vehicles details screen displays the basic information for the vehicle as well as the vehicle’s history and involvement in Incidents, Cases, Citations and FIs.
  • Messages. The Messages screen allows the user to read and write RIMS mail.

Accessing iRIMS using a smartphone
image iRIMS can be accessed through a standard web browser as well as a smartphone’s browser. The smartphone interface is different from the standard iRIMS interface and is optimized for the smaller screen. The same features described above for the standard web browser interface are included in the smartphone interface. No software installation is required on the smartphone. Currently, the iPhone and Android smartphones are supported.

Concern for security is justified when accessing agency records outside of the RIMS application. Several key security features are included in iRIMS to maintain a high level of security and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Encryption. Every session is encrypted using a SSL Certificate installed on your server. The encryption is at a minimum 128-bit encryption level.
  • 2-Factor Authentication. As an option, the agency can enforce 2-Factor Authentication. When the option is enabled, in addition to a RIMS ID and password, the user will also need to enter a unique key which is generated and sent to their telephone or email address. 2-Factor Authentication prevents unauthorized access by someone who has obtained a user ID and password, but does not have access to the authorized user’s telephone, for example.
  • Authorization. iRIMS respects the security established within RIMS. If an authenticated user does not have the appropriate security in RIMS for a specific function, they will not be able to use the corresponding function in iRIMS.
  • Audit. When enabled in RIMS, each record accessed through iRIMS is audited with an entry in the appropriate audit log. The audit log is directly accessible in RIMS.