Jail Management

The RIMS Jail Management System (InCustody™) provides the tools you need to establish an information-rich command center for your jail. Fully integrated with RIMS Record Management System, InCustody™ gives you complete search capabilities and access to the persons and case information you need.
Key Features
  • Easily-identified icons 
  • Windows and functions differentiated by color
  • Mouse and keyboard navigation
  • Narrative ability
  • User-definable booking questionnaires
  • Training database
  • Help screens throughout
  • Windows XP/Vista compatible
Key Functions

InCustody™ allows tracking of virtually everything about the inmates in your jail. With this highly effective tool you can:
  • Record inmate information
  • Keep a personal history of inmates
  • View information in Associated People/Vehicles files
  • Associate people with an inmate and log their visits
  • Track court dispositions and next court dates
Facilitate booking procedures with standardized general booking information as well as the ability to:
  • Open up to five separate bookings at one time
  • Log property information including type, description, hazards, location and disposition
  • Make cell classification, intake, medical, risk, safety and visual assessments
  • Record charge information including type, bail amount, level, counts and strikes
  • Place holds on inmates’ records for out-of-agency warrants/holds
  • Release inmate only after certain criteria met
  • Set dentist, doctor and other appointments
  • Track medications
  • Distinguish cells by facility name, building name, floor, section, cell and bed
  • Track cell assignments and re-assignment
  • Report cell history  
  • Track commissary balances and items
  • Suspend and reinstate commissary privileges 
  • Maintain commissary inventory and item costs
  • Allow indigent items
  • Print worksheets for inmates
  • Create re-order and confirmation sheets
  • Track item costs separately by agency cost, resale and tax amounts
  • Track jail incidents by type, location, date and time
  • Create narratives of jail incidents
  • Track involved inmates and officers
  • Supervisor approval of incidents
  • Have AFIS data downloaded directly to your fingerprinting computer
  • Create wristbands for inmates
  • Initiate state NCIC/NLETS queries directly from a booking
Create a total of 31 agency and state reports including:
  • Agency invoices 
  • Inmate appointment list
  • Court roster list
  • Inmate list by name
  • Inmate list by booking number
  • Inmate list by cell location
  • Bookings by charge
  • Scheduled releases
  • Population reports by custody status, race, and cell
  • Average daily population
  • Inmate deaths
  • Shift bulletin

 Key Benefits

  • Increases efficiency by streamlining processes from booking through release
  • Reduces paperwork by storing all necessary information in one place
  • Creates an extra margin of safety by providing vast amounts of information
  • Lessens time spent on tracking administrative functions