Data Sharing

RIMS Collaborate is a software solution that allows public safety agencies to transparently and securely communicate among other agencies using Sun Ridge Systems RIMS.

RIMS Collaborate lets agency personnel check persons, vehicles and even officer reports (if permission is allowed) of all connected agencies. It generates the same detailed information personnel are used to seeing in their local records.

Shared information is also available from remote locations such as a patrol car or mobile command center. Each officer in the field can search the records of all connected RIMS agencies as well as the state and NCIC system with just one query. The connected system of agencies allows public safety personnel to access one of the most advanced searchable databases offered today.

In addition to interagency data sharing, RIMS Collaborate offers agencies a secure mode of sending and receiving e-mail communications to each other. Whether dispatcher-to-dispatcher, or officer-to-officer or patrol car-to patrol car, personnel now have a encrypted, private means of sharing information.