Crime Analysis

Visual Crime Analysis with RIMS Mapping

RIMSMap provides tools to plot crime related data onto your map. ArcGIS ArcView also provides the ability to do a reverse search – specifying the area on the map to search first – typically looking for crime in a certain neighborhood. 

Pin Mapping
Pin mapping – placing pins on a map to visually represent the locations of crimes – has been around for many years because it is such an excellent tool for investigating and visually representing criminal activity. With RIMS Mapping the process of creating pin maps is reduced to seconds. The possibilities of the kinds of pin maps that can be created are virtually unlimited. That's because pin mapping in RIMS is tied directly to the extremely versatile RIMS Search facility. You simply define the search parameters and run the search, view the results, and press the Map button to quickly create a pin map. It’s that easy!

Tools within RIMSMap allow you to perform layered searches, with each layer having its user defined pin (symbol, color, and size). These searches, as well as the pin definitions, can be saved by the user. Legends can be built to printout with the map. 

Map Selection
Available using ArcGIS ArcView, a user can select an area on the map using a variety of tools (circle, rectangle, or polygon). By ‘rubber-banding’ an area, RIMSMap gathers the locations to search. The user can then search any of the location based data-sets in RIMS to obtain the results of that area. For example, you could search for all car burglaries that occurred in a neighborhood.