Sun Ridge Systems has been successful because we have always kept our focus on the three things that matter most to our customers:

1. Product
2. Service
3. Price

The Best Product

RIMS is a software product whose development will never be complete. It is constantly being improved, expanded, and enhanced. That is why after more than 25 years of relentless development RIMS is not only extraordinarily comprehensive in its functions and features, but is also very easy to use. We're not the only ones who believe RIMS is the best system available. Our customers believe it, too. Chances are, you will agree.

The Best Service

Any company can claim they have satisfied customers, but we can say we have enthusiastically happy customers . . . and we can prove it. We often provide a long reference list to agencies considering RIMS and have them report back that everyone they talked to wholeheartedly recommended us. We generate this level of satisfaction through a reliable product, frequent product updates, prompt responses to questions and requests, and an annual users conference at which we ask our customers what they would like to see added to our products. In fact, we do more than seek customer input, we implement it.

The Best Price

Price counts and agencies shopping for a CAD and Records system often find that we are the lowest cost option, often by a considerable margin. And since at that point they’ve already decided RIMS is their favorite product among those they have reviewed and their reference calls have elicited nothing but enthusiastic endorsements, their decision is easy.

And that’s why agencies choose RIMS.

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