Sun Ridge Systems began with an idea. Until the 1980’s, computer aided dispatch and records management systems were available only to large agencies with money for a large, very expensive, mainframe computer and the associated personnel to maintain it. In 1982, Tony Richards, a project manager for a company in the large-scale computer aided dispatch business, saw the possibilities of using PCs to automate police and public safety agencies of all sizes. He spent three years developing a product for the small agency market. In February 1985 Tony’s dream was realized when RIMS Version 1.0 was installed at a police station in Rocklin, California. The Rocklin Police Department is a customer to this day.

Today, RIMS is installed in agencies ranging from the Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office, San Rafael (California) Police Department, Walt Disney Studios (Burbank, California), Umatilla Tribal Police Department (Pendleton, Oregon) to the University of California Santa Cruz Police Department. The versatility of RIMS is such that all these agencies use the same product and take advantage of the user-enabled configurability built into RIMS.
Our product line has expanded over the years from basic computer-aided dispatch and records management to a broad lineup of products valuable to public safety agencies. Most important, they are all designed to work together in one integrated system. Application of new technologies, our own bottomless well of ideas and a large, active user community continue to drive our product development at a rapid pace.

RIMS celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2015, a considerable milestone for any software product. There will undoubtedly be many more milestones to come.