California Installations

A California based company, Sun Ridge Systems has a particular concentration of customers in the Golden State. In fact, in 2010 the count of agencies in California using RIMS passed 100 and the number has now reached 148, four times more than any other software company, making Sun Ridge Systems by far the dominant CAD and records management systems provider in the state.

Our California Installation Statistics:

• Agencies in 38 California counties use RIMS.

• Our first and oldest customer is the Rocklin Police Department who have been using RIMS for 32 years.

• Twenty-One agencies in San Mateo County, 11 in Kern County, 7 in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, and 6 in Marin, Sacramento, and Amador counties use RIMS.

• Every agency in the Eastern Sierra region uses RIMS. This region extends from the Alpine County Sheriff’s Office all the way down to Tehachapi, a distance of more than 300 miles.

• Fifteen campuses of the California State University system use RIMS.

• Ten sheriff's offices use RIMS.

• Six large school district police departments use RIMS.

• Five University of California campuses use RIMS.

• Three medical centers and one hospital use RIMS.

• Two movie studio security departments use RIMS.

• One tribal public safety department uses RIMS.

• One shopping center’s security office uses RIMS.

• One winery's security office uses RIMS.

• One auto manufacturing plant's security office uses RIMS.